Biomet Spine

Product Listings for Biomet Spine
ALTA™ Stand-Alone ACDF System (Prod 150403)
ALTA™ Stand-Alone ACDF System for a less invasive approach to a ... [more]
Altius M-INI Spinal Fixation System (Prod 5166)
Universal occipito-certivo-thoracic system for reconstruction of ... [more]
Altius OCT System (Prod 4008)
Universal occipito-cervicothoracic fusion system. Low-profile oc ... [more]
Array Spinal System (Prod 5055)
Low profile. Single set screw locking mechanism. V-Force thread ... [more]
Aspen Flared 5-1 MIS Fusion System (Prod 11633)
Aspen™ Flared 5-1 MIS Fusion System is a spinous process fi ... [more]
Aspen MIS Fusion System (Prod 10156)
The Aspen MIS Fusion System is a family of minimally invasive spi ... [more]
Aspen Spinous Process Fixation System (Prod 11741)
Uniquely designed by surgeons for surgeons, the Aspen Spinous Pro ... [more]
BioLanx AlloSponge / AlloFuse (Prod 10157)
BioLanx™ Biologics Product Line Offering a full range of b ... [more]
Breckenridge Interbody/VBR Fusion System (Prod 10158)
Breckenridge is comprised of PEEK Interbody/VBR Fusion System tha ... [more]
C-TEK Anterior Cervical Plating System (Prod 1087)
Three Options: Fixed hole plate when used with fixed screws cr ... [more]
Concero Facet Screw System (Prod 11380)
The Concero Facet Screw System is a minimally invasive fixation a ... [more]
Durango Stand-Alone ALIF System (Prod 11381)
The Durango Stand-Alone ALIF System is intended to treat degenera ... [more]
Epic Anterior Thoracolumbar Plating System (Epic™ System) (Prod 11174)
The Epic™ System is an anterior fixation device for use in ... [more]
ESL Spine System (Prod 7136)
Elliptically shaped lumber spine system. Elliptical form matches ... [more]
Fortis Allograft Interbody Spacers (Prod 10159)
Fortis Allograft Interbody Spacers are machine milled cortical bo ... [more]
GEO Structure (Prod 1090)
Titanium vertebral body replacement device. ... [more]
Ibex (Prod 5638)
Available in Titanium and Peek-Optima. ... [more]
ICI Polaris (Prod 5197)
Helical Flange technology. 6.35 diam. rod. Unique closing syste ... [more]
Lineum OCT Spine System (Prod 150405)
The Lineum OCT Spine System is a next generation occipito-cervico ... [more]
NEXUS Anterior Cervical Spacer (Prod 4964)
Titanium. Curved shape to contour to vertebral body. Structural ... [more]
Omega21 (Prod 781)
Spine screw and rod system. ... [more]
Polaris Spinal System (Prod 8362)
Pedicle screw fixation system Helical flange locking technology ... [more]
Silverton Spinal Fixation System (Prod 10160)
The Silverton Spinal Fixation System is intended for use in the t ... [more]
Silverton-D Deformity System (Prod 10161)
The Silverton-D Deformity System is a comprehensive system for de ... [more]
Snowcap Anterior Cervical Plate (Prod 10162)
The Snowcap Anterior Cervical Plate (ACP) is another Surgeon Driv ... [more]
Snowmass Anterior Cervical Plate (Prod 10163)
The Snowmass Anterior Cervical Plate (ACP) system consists of a c ... [more]
Solitaire Anterior Spinal System (Prod 7762)
Designed to provide immediate mechanical fixaton to adjacent vert ... [more]
SpF-PLUS (Prod 777)
Implantable bone growth stimulator for lumbosacral fusion. ... [more]
SpinalPak® Non-invasive Spine Fusion Stimulator (Prod 778)
Round-the-Clock, Noninvasive Spine Fusion Stimulation. ... [more]
SpineLink (Prod 779)
An innovative independent intrasegmental solution to spine fixati ... [more]