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Product Listings for KYOCERA Medical Corporation
Alumina Ball (Prod 7154)
The good friction and wear characteristics of alumina material ma ... [more]
AMS HA Cup (Prod 7153)
The cup of semi-spherical profile for total hip replacement is ma ... [more]
Bi-Surface Total Knee System (Prod 7157)
This product has been developed to achieve reconstruction of good ... [more]
Ceramic Outer Head (Prod 7155)
The outer head of bipolar type for hip replacement is made of alu ... [more]
J Alumina Ceramic Elbow (Prod 7161)
J Alumina Ceramic Elbow is a total elbow replacement, which has b ... [more]
K-MAX AS Hip Screw 2 (Prod 7156)
This is a new generation internal fixation device for trochanteri ... [more]
K-MAX Q HIP System (Prod 7150)
This is made of vanadium-free titanium alloy (Ti-6Al-2Nb-1Ta-0.8M ... [more]
K-MAX SS HIP System (Prod 7151)
This is made of vanadium-free titanium alloy (Ti-15Mo-5Zr-3Al) wi ... [more]
KLS System (Prod 7163)
Modular limb salvage system. Several types of products, proximal ... [more]
Kyocera PerFix Total Hip System (Prod 7149)
This product is designed based on our vast experience with press- ... [more]
LFA Total Knee System (Prod 7158)
This is a total knee system, which has been developed with the co ... [more]
MNSK Total Elbow Joint (Prod 7162)
MNSK Total Elbow Joint is a total elbow replacement, which has be ... [more]
Osteograft-S (Prod 7165)
Made of synthesized hydroxyapatite, a primary inorganic compositi ... [more]
PASSMED (Prod 7164)
Spine fixation system with a simple and strong structure achieved ... [more]
Physio-Shoulder System (Prod 7159)
This product has been designed as a humeral-head replacement base ... [more]
TNK Ankle (Prod 7160)
This is a total ankle joint replacement with alumina beads coatin ... [more]
UHMWPE Socket (Prod 7152)
Bearing material used with a femoral head Variety of types avai ... [more]