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Product Listings for WishBone Medical, Inc.
AlloMate Bone Pin System (Prod 2007233)
Designed to maintain proper alignment and fixation of bone fractu ... [more]
Articular Hinge Fixator (Prod 2007234)
Features Intended to be employed with the Unilateral Hybrid Fix ... [more]
Broken Screw Removal System (Prod 1801078)
Single-use, sterile packed system that is available in three diff ... [more]
EpiFIX™ Growth Control Plating System (Prod 2007232)
Contents Growth control plating system for temporary hemiepiphy ... [more]
Exact Osteotomy System (Prod 1708253)
The Exact Osteotomy System is designed for precise and repeatable ... [more]
K-Wire Systems (Prod 1801079)
Single-use and sterile packed and are available in five different ... [more]
Pediatric Total Hip (Prod 1803103)
WishBone Medical, Inc.has entered into a license agreement with t ... [more]