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Product Listings for Enztec Limited
Hip Calibration Gauge (Prod 2704)
Allows accurate assessment of leg length inequality and medial or ... [more]
Lateral Malleolar Plate (Prod 2703)
The Lateral Malleolar Plate was developed to fulfill a need when ... [more]
Os Calcis Plate (Prod 2702)
The Os Calcis Plate was developed specifically for open reduction ... [more]
Premium Patella Saw Guide (Prod 1710082)
Premium Patella Saw Guide Description: One handed opera ... [more]
STAG (Prod 1710101)
The Sulcus Line Trochlear Alignment Guide (STAG) helps reduce fem ... [more]
STAR Drill (Prod 1710102)
STAR Drill Description: Facilitates fast and simple sut ... [more]
Upper Tibial Osteotomy Plate (Prod 2701)
The Upper Tibial Osteotomy Plate was designed to fix rigidly an o ... [more]