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EndoLIF On-Cage (Prod 151019)
The EndoLIF On-Cage is a 3D-printed titanium alloy device that, s ... [more]
iLESSYS - interLaminar Endoscopic Surgical System
iLESSYS allows for a fully dorsal endoscopic access to the lamina ... [more]
iLESSYS Delta System (Prod 150611)
iLESSYS Delta, an advanced development of the iLESSYS technology, ... [more]
Irrigation Arthro Pump 2000
Irrigation range Arthroscopy: 0 - 2000 ml/min. Pressure range A ... [more]
Irrigation Spine Pump 2000
Irrigation range Spine: 0 - 500 ml/min. Pressure range Spine: 0 ... [more]
Shrill Drill
Shrill® drill is a broader application of the TESSYS® ... [more]
SPOT Spinal Operating Table
For dorsal or dorso/lateral access - ideal for counter lordotic p ... [more]
TESSYS Transforaminal Endoscopic Surgical System
The TESSYS™ method utilizes a special lateral, transforamin ... [more]