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Product Listings for Medfix International, LLC
Implants and Trauma Instruments (Prod 1705065)
Orthopaedic implants and trauma instruments and implants. All our ... [more]
New and Refurbished Arthroscopes
New and refurbished arthroscopes such as Dyonics, Stryker, Acufex ... [more]
New and Refurbished Instruments
New and refurbished arthroscopy instruments sets such as Dyonics, ... [more]
OR Equipment Locaters
An online service for locating, buying, selling, etc. of OR equip ... [more]
Orthopaedic Fracture Sets
We specialize in orthopedic lines for orthopedic fracture sets in ... [more]
Refurbished and New Power Equipment
We specialize in orthopedic lines including nitrogen, electric an ... [more]