Avalign Technologies

Product Listings for Avalign Technologies
ACCESS MIS Knee Retractor Set (Prod 8972)
The set includes the following instruments: Dual Width R ... [more]
Flex-Shaft Technology Set (Prod 8975)
Flex-Shaft Technology can be used in a variety of applications, i ... [more]
Full Service supplier to OEM's
A full-service supplier of implants, instruments, cutting tools, ... [more]
IM Flex Reamers (Prod 1710241)
Modular and Monobloc Reamer configurations Elliptical sh ... [more]
MOBILITY Shoulder Retractor Set (Prod 8974)
This set includes a Darrach Retractor; Humeral Head Retractor; Du ... [more]
Screw Removal Set (Prod 8977)
The Screw Removal Set features universal instruments capable of r ... [more]
Self-Retaining Screwdriver (Prod 8978)
Exclusive manufacturer providing a unique "Stab and Grab" technol ... [more]
Universal Hip Stem Extractor (Prod 8973)
The Universal Hip Stem Extractor allows quick and easy attachment ... [more]