Inion Oy

Product Listings for Inion Oy
ANCHRON™ Plus Suture Anchor (Prod 7573)
Developed for orthopedic and sports medicine applications Desig ... [more]
FDA approval has been granted for the implant material BioRestore ... [more]
CPS/OTPS FreedomPlate
This product has received 510(k) regulatory clearance from the US ... [more]
The FreedomPlate™ is a fully customisable plating syst ... [more]
Hexalon Biodegradable Screw
The Hexalon Biodegradable Screw is a coloured biodegradable screw ... [more]
Malleoli Screw
Fully or partially threaded. No removal needed. ... [more]
OTPS Biodegradable Fixation System
OTPS Fixation System consists of biodegradable plates and screws ... [more]
OTPS Biodegradable Mini Plating System
The OTPS Biodegradable Mini Plating System is intended for use in ... [more]
OTPS Biodegradable Pins
The OTPS Biodegradable Pins are indicated for maintenance of alig ... [more]
OTPS Mesh Plating System
The OTPS Mesh Plating System is intended to sustain the relative ... [more]
S-1 Anterior Cervical Fusion System
The S-1™ Anterior Cervical Fusion System for graft containm ... [more]
S-1 Biodegradable Anterior Cervical Fusion System
The S-1™ Biodegradable Anterior Cervical Fusion System, con ... [more]
S-2 Biodegradable Anterior Thoraco-Lumbar Fusion System
The S-2™ Biodegradable Anterior Thoraco-Lumbar Fusion Syste ... [more]
Syndesmosis Screw
Cannulated. One size, but can easily be cut to length. No remov ... [more]
Trinion is a biodegradable coloured meniscus screw for use in the ... [more]