Renovis Surgical, Inc.

Product Listings for Renovis Surgical, Inc.
A200 Cruciate Retaining Knee System (Prod 11997)
Provides component options to reconstruct the knee with maximum r ... [more]
A450 Acetabular System (Prod 11993)
The A450 Acetabular System offers a full range of shell and liner ... [more]
BIOLOX delta Ceramic Heads (Prod 11996)
BIOLOX delta is zirconia-toughened alumina ceramic. This nanocomp ... [more]
E-MAX Highly Crosslinked Polyethylene Acetabular Inserts (Prod 11995)
The E-MAX Highly Crosslinked Polyethylene with Vitamin E for ... [more]
Hip and Acetabular System (Prod 12033)
Biolox delta large diameter ceramic heads • MAX AND E-MAX vi ... [more]
S100 Pedicle Screw System (Prod 11998)
S100 Pedicle Screw System provides surgeons with a comprehensive ... [more]
S140 Interbody System (Prod 11999)
The S140 Interbody System, used in conjunction with the S100 Pedi ... [more]
T700 Cannulated Screw System (Prod 12000)
Indications include:  ■Femoral neck fractures  &# ... [more]
T710 External Fixator System (Prod 12001)
The T710 External Fixator System consists of clamps, rods, and pi ... [more]
Tesera Stand-Alone ALIF Cage System (Prod 160401)
The Tesera Stand-Alone ALIF Cage is a porous titanium Stand-alone ... [more]
Tesera Trabecular Technology™ Acetabular System (Prod 150101)
The Tesera Trabecular Technology™ Acetabular System combine ... [more]
Tesera™ SC – Porous Titanium Cervical Interbody Fusion System (Prod 160401)
The Tesera SC is a porous titanium stand-alone cervical interbody ... [more]