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Product Listings for Corin USA
Mobile Knee System Rotating platform mobile bearing knee system ... [more]
Coriflo+ (Prod 11481)
Filtered Suction System: The Coriflo+ orthopaedic filtered suctio ... [more]
Coriplast (Prod 11482)
Coriplast is an acrylic bone cement. The cement is available in t ... [more]
Cormet (Prod 11472)
The Cormet advanced hip resurfacing system provides a bone-conser ... [more]
Halder Nail (Prod 11479)
Humeral Nailing System: The Halder humeral nail features retrogra ... [more]
LARS (Prod 11476)
Suitable for use in a wide variety of applications, the LARS liga ... [more]
Founded on 20 years' experience in cementless technology and high ... [more]
MiniHip (Prod 11471)
Combining the bone-conserving benefits of hip resurfacing with th ... [more]
Hand Operating Table: The Multilok hand table is a major advance ... [more]
OMNIBoticsĀ® Robotic-Assisted TKA (Prod 2007283)
Contents Robotic-assisted TKA system that features a robotic so ... [more]
Optimized Positioning System (OPS) (Prod 1703223)
The Optimized Positioning System (OPS) is a technology that aims ... [more]
Radial Head
Radial Head implants provide a solution to a difficult clinical p ... [more]
The first total knee replacement to adopt a true mobile bearing p ... [more]
Simpulse Solo
Pulsed Lavage System: Simpulse pulsed lavage system is simple to ... [more]
Autologous Autotransfusion System: Suretrans features a closed sy ... [more]
The Trinity advanced bearing acetabular system offers surgeons a ... [more]
A clinically proven highly congruent, triple radius unicompartmen ... [more]
Universal Camera Drape
A universal drape for all arthroscopic and endoscopic application ... [more]
Zenith (Prod 11478)
The smart choice for total ankle replacement, Zenith offers an in ... [more]