Bauerfeind USA, Inc

Product Listings for Bauerfeind USA, Inc
AchilloTrain (Prod 2523)
AchilloTrain is a comfortable knitted support with a silicone ins ... [more]
Comprifix Elbow (Prod 2510)
A medium demand, anatomically knitted elbow support with incorpor ... [more]
Comprifix Knee (Prod 2512)
A comfortable, lightweight, anatomically knitted knee support wit ... [more]
Compro AB Ankle (Prod 2522)
This product is no longer available from this company as of 3/20/ ... [more]
Compro DF (Prod 2514)
This seamless knitted knee support provides compression to decrea ... [more]
EpiPoint (Prod 2508)
A dynamic elbow strap for tennis elbow and other overuse conditio ... [more]
EpiTrain (Prod 2509)
Knitted elbow support incorporating two anatomically contoured si ... [more]
GenuTrain (Prod 2511)
GenuTrain is anatomically knitted for a precise fit and features ... [more]
GenuTrain P3
A support that centers the patella during joint movement. ... [more]
ipos Shock Absorber
ipos Shock Absorber Heel Cushions relieve pressure on your heels ... [more]
ipos SoftBase Green 3/4 Length Insoles
SoftBase Green 3/4 Length Insoles prevent early foot fatigue and ... [more]
LumboLoc provides effective support for the lower back to relieve ... [more]
Effectively stabilize and relax your back with the LumboTrain bac ... [more]
The MalleoLoc stabilizing ankle brace increases ankle stability w ... [more]
MalleoTrain relieves ankle pain and swelling during sports and ev ... [more]
ManuTrain is an active wrist support that has optional features f ... [more]
OmoTrain is a unique support for the shoulder that promotes mobil ... [more]
SofTec Genu
A functional brace that provides full soft tissue control, enhanc ... [more]
ViscoPed is the original full length insole for targeted relief o ... [more]
ViscoPed S
ViscoPed S has softer comfort areas at the pressure points of the ... [more]
ViscoSpot heel cushions are clinically proven 95% effective for t ... [more]
Zeuba Vital Ankle Support
Stabilizes the ankle and reduces strain to maximize performance. ... [more]
Zeuba Vital Elbow Support
Support provides strength and a precise massage to invigorate arm ... [more]
Zeuba Vital Knee Support
Reinforces the knee joint and activates muscles for optimal stren ... [more]
Zeuba Vital Wrist Support
Support strengthens the wrist and stimulates forearm muscles for ... [more]