SunMedica, Inc.

Product Listings for SunMedica, Inc.
HipGRIP (Prod 999)
Modular lateral positioning system to provide positive pelvis con ... [more]
hipRAP™ (Prod 180326)
The hipRAP™ is a tapeless Spica wrap used for post operative pa ... [more]
kneeGRIP® (Prod 1000)
To secure the position of the lower extremity with the knee flexe ... [more]
kneeGRIP® Matrix (Prod 1509222)
Simple, innovative, and effective surgical positioning system tha ... [more]
kneeGRIPII (Prod 9122)
In contrast to the kneeGRIP™, the kneeGRIPII™ feature ... [more]
koolPAK Cold Therapy Packs (Prod 9119)
The koolPAK is made from a patented; phase-change material that p ... [more]
koolRAP (Prod 9120)
A complete line of koolRAPs® for post-injury patient care. Th ... [more]
LegGRIP (Prod 1001)
To position the lower extremity for skin preparation prior to sur ... [more]
orthoRAP® and orthoRAPs®-Plus (Prod 9121)
Tapeless post-operative wound care wraps + koolPAK™ Features ... [more]