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Product Listings for B. Braun Melsungen AG
BiContact Hip System
Total hip arthoplasty. ... [more]
Blauth Hinged Total Knee
The Blauth Knee-Joint Endoprosthesis is designed as a hinged pros ... [more]
Ceramic on Ceramic Bearing Hip
Ceramic total hip arthoplasty. ... [more]
Columbus Knee System (Prod 4317)
Combines anatomically designed implants, instrumentation for use ... [more]
Lyoplant™ Bovine Pericardium Dura Substitute (Prod 6054)
Biological material produced from bovine pericardium Pac ... [more]
Metha Modular Short Stem
Metha® is a short stem, cementless hip prosthesis. The stem is a ... [more]
The ACCULAN mini motor was developed for use in hand and foot sur ... [more]
Neuro-Patch Synthetic Dura Substitute
Neuro-Patch is a non-absorbable dura substitute - the dense "weav ... [more]
OrthoPilot Orthopaedic Navigation
CT-free navigation. Adapts to any total knee implant system. Us ... [more]
Plasmacup SC
Acetabular component ... [more]
SHADOW Spinal System
The SHADOW™ Spinal System, a complete polyaxial screw syste ... [more]
Targon F
Femoral nail interlocking. ... [more]
Targon H
Humeral nail ... [more]
Targon PF
Proximal femoral IM nail ... [more]
Targon PH
IM nail for proximal humerus ... [more]
Targon RF
Retrograde femoral nail ... [more]
Targon T
Tibial nail ... [more]
Targon® FN TeleScrews
The Targon® FN TeleScrews allow a controlled collapse of the fra ... [more]