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Product Listings for Judd Medical Ltd
Arthrodesis and Kirschner Wires
Competitively priced wires are now available in packs of ten, in ... [more]
Burrs (Prod 7376)
A full range of burs is available covering product specialities s ... [more]
Diathermy Quiver
Reusable. Saves money. Screw bottom easily removable for steril ... [more]
Pin Cutters
End and side cutters. ... [more]
Saw Blades (Prod 7375)
We offer a complete range of blades for Orthopaedic, Oral Maxillo ... [more]
Standard and A/O Twist Drills
We offer a range of stainless steel twist drills in a variety of ... [more]
Wire Twister & Cutter
Combination wire twister with cutter. ... [more]