Medline Industries, Inc.

Product Listings for Medline Industries, Inc.
MatriStem Wound Matrix (Prod 9283)
Extracellular matrix to help restart the healing process. Three-d ... [more]
OrthoMax Orthopaedic Drapes (Prod 5174)
Made with Dupont Suprel medical fabric to withstand rigorous orth ... [more]
PerforMAX pOweR Longsleeved Scrubs (Prod 12241)
Long sleeves sewn directly into the short sleeves to create a lay ... [more]
ReNewal (Prod 4513)
ReNewal is a registered Third-Party Medical Device Reprocessor of ... [more]
Signature Glide (Prod 150113)
Powder-free surgical glove. Inside made of hydrophilic synthetic ... [more]
SonicOne Ultrasonic Wound Debridement (UWD) (Prod 8581)
SonicOne™ Ultrasonic Wound Debridement (UWD), a Misonix Inc ... [more]
Sterillium Comfort Gel (Prod 9298)
Hand sanitizing proven to kill a broad range of nosocomial pathog ... [more]
Toilet Safety Rails (Prod 8163)
Foldable, 250 lb. Weight Capacity ... [more]
Weil Knee Walker (Prod 8159)
This innovative walking aid provides a comfortable alternative to ... [more]