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Product Listings for Königsee Implantate GmbH
Calcaneus Plate (Prod 20120310)
Calcaneus Plates available in 3 variants: Calcaneus plate 3.5 l ... [more]
Cervical Spine Plates (Prod 2012015)
Titanium Cervical Spine (KI-CVA) plate 4.5/5.2: Special hole ge ... [more]
Cervical Spine Screws (Prod 2012016)
Spine Screw: 4.5;Titanium 5.2; Titanium Fracture Compressing ... [more]
Clavicle Shaft Plates (Prod 2012014)
Clavicle Shaft plates available in 7 variants: Clavicle Shaft p ... [more]
Distal Femur Plates (Prod 2012032)
Distal femur plates available in 2 several variants: Distal fem ... [more]
Distal Fibula Plates (Prod 2012037)
Distal Fibula plates available in 2 variants: VaWiKo ®  d ... [more]
Distal Humerus Plates (Prod 2012011)
Distal Humerus plates available in 3 variants: Distal Humerus p ... [more]
Distal Radius Plates (Prod 2011251)
Distal Radius plates available in 4 titanium variants: Distal R ... [more]
Distal Tibia Plates (Prod 2012038)
Distal Tibia plates available in 2 variants: Distal tibia plate ... [more]
Distal Ulna Plate (Prod 2011252)
Distal Ulna plate 2.0 ws; Titanium ... [more]
Femoral Nail (Prod 20120111)
Femoral Nail available in several variants: KFN 125 KFN 130&nb ... [more]
Femur System Plates (Prod 2012031)
Femur System Pplates available in 2 variants: Straight plate 4. ... [more]
Fibula Systems (Prod 2012035)
Fibula Systems plates available in 3 variants: Third tubular pl ... [more]
Forefoot Hardware (Prod 20120312)
3 Forefoot hardware products available: Fracture compressing sc ... [more]
Forefoot Plates (Prod 20120311)
Forefoot plates available in 7 variants: VaWiKo ®  T-Plat ... [more]
Hind Plate / Foot Plate Interposition (Prod 2011191)
Foot plate description: - Variable angle-stable plate holes for ... [more]
Hindfoot Plates (Prod 2012039)
Hind foot plates available in 5 variants: Foot plate interposit ... [more]
Olecranon plates (Prod 201256)
Olecranon plates available in 3 variants: Olecranon plate 3.5 v ... [more]
Ossa Carpi Plates (Prod 2011242)
Ring plate and Arthrodesis plate available in several variants: ... [more]
Patella Plate (Prod 2012033)
Patella plate 3.5 vas ... [more]
Pelvis Reco Plate (Prod 2012018)
Pelvis Reco Plate available in 3 variants: Reco plate 3.5 vas s ... [more]
Pelvis Screw (Prod 2012017)
Pelvis TIS-Screw available in 2 variants: TIS-Screw 7.5 st sd; ... [more]
Phalanyx Plates (Prod 2011241)
Phalange Plates available in both stainless steel and titanium:: ... [more]
Proximal Femur Hardware (Prod 2012019)
Proximal femur RoSA extreamedullary: RoSA screw  Ø 10; Ti ... [more]
Proximal Femur Hip Screw (Prod 20120110)
Dynamic Hip Screw available in several variations: DHS flange 1 ... [more]
Proximal Humerus Plates (Prod 2012013)
Proximal Humerus plates available in 4 variants: Proximal Humer ... [more]
Proximal Humerus Screws (Prod 2012012)
Proximal Humerus screws available in 3 variants: Screw LASA-DR ... [more]
Proximal Radius Plate (Prod 2011255)
Proximal Radius plate description: Titanium No screw head irri ... [more]
Proximal Tibia plates (Prod 2012034)
Proximal tibia plates available in 5 variations: VaWiKo tibia h ... [more]
Radius System Plates (Prod 2011253)
Radius System plates available in 5 variants: Straight plate 3. ... [more]