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Product Listings for Signal Medical Corporation
Alligator Rongeur (Prod 9734)
Easy grasp of hard-to-reach tissue and debris  Narrow ... [more]
Double Handed Bone Hook (Prod 9732)
German stainless steel Double handed design Lightwei ... [more]
DuraCer® Ceramic Femoral Components (Prod 1612222)
When coupled with the MicroSeal® System, the DuraCer® Ceramic F ... [more]
Knee Positioner for Total Knee Replacement (Prod 3453)
Wide, stable baseplate that secures rigidly to surgery table ... [more]
Low-Profile® Cable System (Prod 3452)
Developed to make cabling simple and straightforward Pre ... [more]
Micro Seal Acetabular System (Prod 3450)
Provides the complete seal necessary to help prevent migration of ... [more]
Orthopaedic Curettes (Prod 10812)
Slip-Resistant resin handle Extended grip Torsion kn ... [more]
Orthopaedic Osteotomes (Prod 10814)
Slip-resistant Ultra sharp German Stainless Steel ... [more]
Osteogators for Hip or Knee (Prod 3448)
Rongeurs with double action mechanism for maximum cutting force ... [more]
Peg Board Hip Positioner (Prod 3449)
Peg board type hip positioner ... [more]
Quatro-M Femoral Stem (Prod 3447)
Two fundamental ideas were kept in mind when designing the Quatro ... [more]
Silent Knee Assistant (Prod 3454)
Ingenious approach to tissue retraction. Frees the assistant's ha ... [more]
Soft Face "No Bounce" Mallet (Prod 9733)
Features Comfortable grip Unique dead blow design ... [more]
Symmetric™ Total Knee Replacement
Comprehensive joint replacement system designed to last and to be ... [more]
Symmetric™ Uni Knee System (Prod 3451)
Design Single-radius femoral design for better wear prop ... [more]