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Product Listings for Daiya Industry
Back-Impact (Prod 10448)
Supports only the spinal column without pressure on the abdomen, ... [more]
Free Support AM (Prod 10457)
Free Support AM was designed for the treatment of ankle injuries. ... [more]
Powerful Support 10 (Prod 10449)
The back has an X cross belt that slides easily for adjustabilit ... [more]
Slim Sacral Belt (Prod 10450)
Persons who wish to wear for a long time; Persons who are prone ... [more]
Slim Wrist Band 141 (Prod 10452)
slim strap:This band's slimness facilitates hand movement. long f ... [more]
Tennis Elbow 207 (Prod 10451)
damage-resistant urethane pad: For durable compression; loop-lock ... [more]
Twin B (Prod 10453)
It is a twin finger fixation version created based on the concept ... [more]
Walk Up Knee (Prod 10454)
Frimly supports the instability of patella. ... [more]