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ColdCare™ Packs (Prod 1705121)
ColdCare™ Packs are convenient, low-profile gel pads that provi ... [more]
Duro-Ject® Bone Cement Injector Set (Prod 1705126)
Vertebroplasty Cement Injection. Previously available from Cook M ... [more]
Indicator® Radiopaque Markers CT and X-Ray (Prod 1705122)
These markers are designed for use in CT or X-ray mode and provid ... [more]
Multi-Modality Markers (Prod 1705123)
Multi-Modality Markers are artificial fiducial markers that provi ... [more]
Navigated Pedicle Access Kit (Prod 1705125)
The Navigated Pedicle Access Kit has been designed for use with y ... [more]
Osteo-Force ETD Bone Access and Prep Tray
Expanded Tray Design Used for placing bone cement into surgical ... [more]
Osteo-Site Bone Biopsy Needle Sets
Used for vertebral body biopsy and infusion. ... [more]
Spherz® Passive Reflective Markers (Prod 1705124)
Spherz® aid in the auto-registration and localization of rigid p ... [more]
Vertefix® Radiopaque Bone Cement (Prod 1705127)
Vertebroplasty Cement. Previously available from Cook Medical. ... [more]