Medical Specialties, Inc. (Med Spec)

Product Listings for Medical Specialties, Inc. (Med Spec)
ASO Ankle Stabilizer (Prod 3814)
The ASO® ankle stabilizer can be worn either preventively or ... [more]
Carolina Collar (Prod 3972)
Two-piece construction allows precise application. Radiolucent. ... [more]
Contour Clavicle Brace (Prod 3974)
Molded foam straps conform to axilla without impingement on the b ... [more]
DynaTrack Patella Stabilizer (Prod 3815)
The DynaTrack™ Patella Stabilizer aids in the treatment of ... [more]
Meek Clavicle Brace (Prod 3973)
Foam core covered with combed stockinette. Three-way buckle syst ... [more]
Patellavator Knee Orthosis (Prod 3976)
Applies pressure to the patellar tendon without constricting the ... [more]
PFO (Plantar Fascia Orthosis) (Prod 3975)
Plantar pad combined with elasticized ankle strap to create consi ... [more]