Biocomposites Inc.

Product Listings for Biocomposites Inc.
Allogran-N® (Prod 1025)
Synthetic granules bioengineered specifically for optimised perfo ... [more]
Allogran-R® (Prod 1026)
Synthetic Bone Substitute A focussed research programme has dev ... [more]
Bilok ACL Screw (Prod 5398)
The Bilok ACL screw is an absorbable synthetic calcium composite ... [more]
Bilok ST Screw (Prod 5399)
The Bilok ST Screw is an absorbable screw used as a Transverse Su ... [more]
Biosteon Wedge ACL Screw
Absorbable interference screws can offer the benefits of reducing ... [more]
geneX (Prod 5680)
Synthetic, fully resorbable bone graft, conferred with a property ... [more]
Little Grafter™ Screw System (Prod 5462)
Effective fixation and a fully absorbable scaffold for new bone g ... [more]
Stimulan® (Prod 1024)
Bone Repair Requires Versatile Solutions: Stimulan® implant gra ... [more]