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Product Listings for ConMed Linvatec Corporation
7170S Low-Profile Cart
The 7170S Low-Profile Cart accommodates a complete arthroscopy or ... [more]
7190 Assistant Monitor Cart
The 7190 Assistant Monitor Cart offers additional height in the s ... [more]
8179 Modular Cart
Catalog #s: 8179 ........... Modular Cart (Dimensions: 29"w x 5 ... [more]
8430W 300 Watt Xenon Light Source
Catalog #8430W...300 Watt Xenon Light Source, 115V; Catalog # ... [more]
87k Arthroscopy Pump (Prod 1618)
The 87k Arthroscopy Pump is designed to provide true intra-articu ... [more]
ACL Sawblades
8 mm and 12 mm Depth Stop ACL sawblades for patella tendon graft. ... [more]
Allograft Wedge
Graft fixation in orthopaedic procedures including, but not limit ... [more]
Allograft Wedge System
The Allograft Wedge System, which consists of simple pre-cut ... [more]
Allografts for Sports Medicine
Exclusive world-wide marketing representative for MTF's sports me ... [more]
Apex Autoclavable Remote Control (Prod 1614)
Remote control device for Apex Universal Irrigation Console Cat ... [more]
Apex One-Connection Disposable Tubing Set
Latex free tubing set for Apex Universal Irrigation Console Cata ... [more]
Apex Two-Connection Disposable Tubing Set (Prod 1616)
Latex free tubing set for Apex Universal Irrigation Console Cat ... [more]
Apex Universal Irrigation Console
The Apex Universal Irrigation Console is a microprocessor-based f ... [more]
AppianFx™ can be used for arthroscopic tenodesis knee procedure ... [more]
Arthro-Knife Sheathed Arthroscopy Knife (Prod 1288)
Retractable one-piece sheathed knife for arthroscopic procedures ... [more]
Autoclavable Light Guides & Adapters
Catalog #s: C3279 ........ 3mm Universal Light Guide; C3278 .. ... [more]
Badger Drill Bit
Tapered head reaming drill bits for endoscopic cruciate reconstru ... [more]
Bankart Tack
For bankart tears and anterior instability due to tears of the la ... [more]
BeachChair Shoulder Positioning System (Prod 3090)
The BeachChair Shoulder Positioning System has been designed to p ... [more]
Bio Mini- Revo
The Bio Mini- Revo™ is an absorbable anchor that has been u ... [more]
Bio-Anchor Shoulder Instability Repair System
Bioabsorbable PLLA Material for Shoulder Instability Repair. Abs ... [more]
Rigid fixation between soft tissue and bone in the repair of rota ... [more]
BioCuff C
Screw/spiked washer is a bioabsorbable, cannulated fixation devic ... [more]
Bioscrew (Prod 1464)
Bio-absorbable interference screw.  Poly (L-Lactic Acid) ... [more]
Biosorb FX 1.5mm System (Prod 613)
Absorbable small plate and screw system ... [more]
Biosorb FX 2.0
Absorbable small plate and screw system ... [more]
Biosorb FX 2.4 (Prod 615)
Absorbable small plate and screw system. ... [more]
Biosorb PDX (Prod 617)
Absorbable screws and plates ... [more]
Meniscal fixation system with PLLA barbed implant. ... [more]