Wright & Filippis, Inc.

Product Listings for Wright & Filippis, Inc.
Ankle Gauntlet
Removable plastic stabilizers insert into pockets on either side ... [more]
Blast X-treme Powered Wheel Chair
Gives power chair users a wide range of enhanced mobility with it ... [more]
Cast Boot (Prod 2275)
Closed toe boot that fully protects the foot of the cast from the ... [more]
Eliminator Racing Wheel Chair
Continuing a long -standing winning tradition, Team Invacare led ... [more]
Figure Eight Ankle Strap
This universal ankle wrap has a plush-back 1-way stretch elastic ... [more]
Gel Shoe Inserts
These comfortable, lightweight orthotics feature state-of-the-art ... [more]
Hinged Ankle Strap
Patented modified orthotic footplate provides critical foot and a ... [more]
Medical Surgical Shoe
This Medical Surgical Shoe has been redesigned with the latest in ... [more]
Metal Hinged Ankle Foot Orthosis
This support provide free motion, limited or assist in dorsiflexi ... [more]
Myoelectric Arm
The new hand uses myoelectric technology with microprocessors tha ... [more]
Partial Foot Orthotics (Shoe Fillers)
These are designed to fill the space within a shoe where the toe ... [more]
Plastic Hinged Ankle Foot Orthosis
This support provides for free motion, limited or assist in dorsi ... [more]
Post-Op Shoe
Two-strap hook-and-pile closure with strong tan vinyl enclosure f ... [more]
Pressure Relief Ankle Foot Orthosis
Made of highly durable long lasting materials, can be used as a d ... [more]
Range of Motion/Hinged Walker
Range of motion walkers are recommended for use following Achille ... [more]
Softie Medical Shoe
Designed for use after soft tissue procedures, post trauma and wi ... [more]
Solid Ankle Walker
Walker is ideal for acute ankle sprains, soft tissue injuries and ... [more]
T3 Tennis - Adjustable Wheel Chair
First introduced in 1992 at the U.S. Open. Since then, this style ... [more]
TiSport BB (Basketball) Wheel Chair
Weighs only 19 lbs. and is available with a fixed or adjustable h ... [more]
Top End Terminatorâ„¢ Everyday Wheel Chair (Prod 5452)
Custom-built and tailored to your preferences. ... [more]
Wedge Healing Shoe
New Wedge Healing Shoe offloads a larger portion of the forefoot ... [more]