Innovasis, Inc

Product Listings for Innovasis, Inc
A-Box (ALIF)
The A-Box is an intervertebral body fusion device for use in the ... [more]
Ax Stand-Alone (Prod 1705051)
The Ax Stand-Alone ALIF is an intervertebral fusion device for us ... [more]
The C-Box is a graft containment,cement restrictor for use in the ... [more]
DBM Putty
A complete line of biologic products including traditional bone p ... [more]
Excella II (Solid or Cannulated)
An addition to the Excella line of products. Excella II polyaxial ... [more]
Excella-M (Monoaxial)
The Excella-M system is a monoaxial spinal fixation device for pe ... [more]
The Excella-P system is a polyaxial pedicle screw fixation system ... [more]
Intra-Operative Monitoring
Neurological division offers spinal surgeons in house Intra-Opera ... [more]
L-Box (LLIF)
The L-Box designed for use in a lateral approach to the lumbar sp ... [more]
The OpteryX is a cervical plate with a self-locking mechanism. Fe ... [more]
T-Box (TLIF)
The T-Box TLIF device is a VBR manufactured from Polyether Ether ... [more]
Universal Crosslink
The Universal Crosslink works well with all of our popular Pedicl ... [more]
Designed in house, the X-Box PLIF device offers aggressive anti-m ... [more]