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Arrow® OnControl® Powered Bone Access System (Prod 6522)
The Arrow® OnControl® Powered Bone Access System, using its pow ... [more]
Capillary Drains (Prod 6637)
Latex free, X-Ray Opaque drains that allows for capillary action ... [more]
Force Fiber
Non-absorbable suture of ultra-high-molecular-weight polyethylene ... [more]
K-Point Taper Cut Needles
Heavy guage needles to provide additional strength to penetrate t ... [more]
KMedics CleanPunch 2.0 (Prod 7173)
Innovative, non-traditional kerrison punch available in bite size ... [more]
OnControl Biopsy / Aspiration System (Prod 8501)
The OnControl® Aspiration System and the OnControl® Biopsy Syst ... [more]
Orth-evac Orthopedic Autotransfusion System (Prod 6465)
Blood collection and reinfusion system for use post-operatively f ... [more]
Polydek Braided Polyester Suture
Tight weave and smooth surface to provide added strength, consist ... [more]
Teleflex Medical Surgical Instrument Repair
Even the finest surgical instruments may need to be repaired or r ... [more]
Tevdek Braided Polyester Suture (Prod 6467)
Tight weave and smooth surface for added strength, consistency, a ... [more]
Weck Visistate Skin Stapler
Quality performance for external wound closures. Tall staples fo ... [more]