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Product Listings for Gebruder Martin GmbH & Co. KG
Dynafix (Prod 3879)
The external modular fixing system Dynafix® achieves highest ... [more]
Dynamic MARTIN Screw (DMS) / Dynamic MARTIN Condyle Plate (DMC) (Prod 3878)
The DMS is an infinitely variable valgisation adapting dynamic pl ... [more]
HBS Headless Bone Screw (Prod 3873)
The HBS system is suitable for the fixation of most small bone fr ... [more]
HBS Headless Bone Screw MINI (Prod 3874)
The miniaturised version of the Headless Bone Screw (MINI HBS) ha ... [more]
Herbert Ulnar Head Prosthesis (UHP) (Prod 3876)
The modular construction of the Herbert Ulnar Head Prosthesis (UH ... [more]
Vickers Easidriver (Prod 3877)
The Vickers Easidriver™ is an instrument for a quick and re ... [more]