Joint Active Systems, Inc. (JAS)

Product Listings for Joint Active Systems, Inc. (JAS)
Advance Dynamic ROM Orthoses (Prod 2940)
Advance Dynamic ROM orthoses are available in both extension and ... [more]
Ankle ROM Brace (Prod 1903)
Patient-directed, incremental positioning, ankle brace ... [more]
EZ Wrist (Prod 9093)
Full range, bi-directional SPS therapy from 90deg flexion to 90de ... [more]
JAS Elbow (Prod 1843)
Patient-directed incremental positioning ROM Flexion ... [more]
JAS EZ Elbow (Prod 9094)
The JAS EZ Elbow offers full range, bi-directional SPS therapy fr ... [more]
JAS EZ Toe (Prod 9092)
The JAS EZ Toe device offers full range, bi-directional SPS thera ... [more]
JAS Finger (Prod 1834)
Static, progressive stretch for the PIP joint. ... [more]
JAS Knee (Prod 1902)
Patient-directed, incremental positioning, knee stretching brace ... [more]
JAS Shoulder (Prod 1899)
Patient-directed, incremental positioning, shoulder brace. ... [more]
JAS Wrist (Prod 1901)
Patient-directed, incremental positioning, wrist brace. ... [more]
JASaction AnkleGard (Prod 1907)
Adjustable compressive ankle support. ... [more]
JASaction CarpelGard Wrist Wrap (Prod 1906)
Compressive wrist wrap made with fabrifoam ... [more]
JASaction Darlexx Knee Sleeve (Prod 1910)
Knee sleeve that supports but does not restrict motion Made of ... [more]
JASaction ElboGard (Prod 1904)
Compressive elbow strap that "reduces impact stress" ... [more]
JASaction Knee Brace with Patella Stabilizer (Prod 1911)
Breathable Airprene knee brace with patella cutout and buttress t ... [more]
JASaction Knee Sleeve (Prod 1912)
Breathable knee sleeve made of airprene ... [more]
JASaction Patella-Loc (1) (2) (Prod 1908)
This system is designed to assist with facilitation and strengthe ... [more]
JASaction PattStrap (Prod 1905)
Compressive patella tendon strap made with fabrifoam ... [more]
JASaction Tennis Elbow Support (Prod 1913)
A tennis elbow support designed to reduce excessive and harmful s ... [more]
Pronation-Supination Brace (Prod 1900)
Patient-directed elbow brace that works both pronation and supina ... [more]