Parcus Medical, LLC.

Product Listings for Parcus Medical, LLC.
Braid Suture (Prod 10197)
Key Features: Flexible center provides better knot strength, sec ... [more]
Draw Tight Suture Anchors (Prod 1412311)
Deployable suture based anchor featuring the PEEK Power Tip for i ... [more]
Drill Tip Guide Pins (Prod 10194)
Accurate tracking with sure starts in cortical bone. Used in op ... [more]
Graft Fixation System GFS (Prod 10195)
Used to simplify tunnel preparation and implant selection. Key ... [more]
Nitinol Guide Wires (Prod 10198)
The necessary strength & flexibility to provide accurate screw pl ... [more]
PEEK CF Interference Screws and Screwdriver (Prod 10189)
The polymer used in this PEEK CF Interference Screws is twice as ... [more]
Ratcheting Handle (Prod 10196)
Screwdriver handle ... [more]
Traction Kit (Prod 10200)
Provides a convenient method to apply traction and position the p ... [more]
V-LoX PEEK CF Suture Anchors (Prod 10191)
Key Features: Fully-threaded body increases resistance to pull o ... [more]
V-LoX Titanium Suture Anchors (Prod 10193)
Available in 5.0mm & 6.5mm diameters with color-coded handles and ... [more]