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Product Listings for Getinge AB
Alphastar Pro Table (Prod 12245)
3-point base for maximum stability.  Can support patients up ... [more]
Flowplus Gradient Segmental Compression (Prod 7539)
The Flowplus® System delivers exceptional results in the treatme ... [more]
Magnus OR Table / Hybrid Table (Prod 11063)
Arrticulations for ergonomic access as well as X-ray capabilities ... [more]
Mini Dopplex (Prod 7538)
Non-directional, low-cost pocket unit providing all the standard ... [more]
MIS Hip Attachment (Prod 7171)
Enhances the general surgical table by making it possible to perf ... [more]
Multi Dopplex II (Prod 7537)
Bi-directional Doppler. The most advanced hand held Doppler unit ... [more]
Orthostar II (Prod 2375)
Specialty table for orthopedic and trauma surgery. For femoral ro ... [more]
PowerLED Surgical Lights (Prod 12281)
Homogenous light for deep-cavity illumination, tissue color rende ... [more]
Surgical Lights & Ceiling Systems (Prod 6714)
Previously available from Maquet. ... [more]
T-DOC (Prod 9937)
Instrument & Asset Management Solutions A T-DOC 2000 System is m ... [more]
TRIMANO 3D Support Arm (Prod 11062)
Immobilizes the patient's arm in the desired position Easily conn ... [more]
Universal Frame (Prod 1504101)
Flexibility and versatility across a range of disciplines ... [more]
Universal Table Top 1150.20 (Prod 2997)
The 1150.20 table top/fracture table offers positioning options f ... [more]
YUNO OTN (Prod 11061)
The first orthopaedic multi-specialty table to accommodate a broa ... [more]