We do not sell or share your e-mails except that when one submits a "REQUEST PRODUCT INFORMATION" query on the listing of a product or service, that request comes to OrthopaedicLIST.com as an e-mail. If the product or service about which you inquired is a paid listing we then send your email on to the supplier of that item. If the item of interest is a free listing we respond to you by email without forwarding your information.  Furthermore, we do not track our users and we collect only demographic data that is voluntarily submitted.

Should you purchase an item through OrthopaedicLIST.com, your name and other information necessary for shipping will be forwarded to the supplier of that product or service.

In the case of Implant Identification, the name, city and state, country if not the United States, and name of practice (when available) will be displayed.  No information identifying the patient will be shown.  Please see below for more about Implant Identification.



1.      This site will be service oriented with a specific focus on helping medical providers efficiently find the products and services that they need to provide patient care.

2.      Manufacturers and suppliers will be treated as equally as possible independent of size.  Product listings, on the other hand, will be given preferential treatment as “Featured Products” through arrangements between OrthopaedicLIST.com and the manufacturer or supplier of specific products.

3.      Although the list is large and regularly updated, no one is authorized to claim that every available item is listed.

4.      The site will be non-judgmental.  No effort will be made to evaluate the efficacy or quality of products listed.  It is a list, not an evaluation mechanism.

5.      Reasonable efforts will be made to keep the list current.   Manufacturers and users are invited and encouraged to provide us with information on new products and new information on old products to help us keep the lists current.  Furthermore, it is not possible to know of every merger and acquisition so the manufacturer or supplier of products that were once known may no longer be known to the OrthopaedicLIST.com staff.

6.      Outdated, out-of-production products may also be listed. When we know such, we will do our best to note that a product is no longer in production. This will be done because special instruments, techniques, or portions of implants may be necessary to remove, revise, rebuild, or reinforce some products.

7.      Users will not be charged for a certain level of access to the site at this time.  We reserve the right to change to a fee system in the future.



1.      Orthopaedic surgeons and other professionals are invited to electronically submit photographs of x-rays of implants in situ. They must be in jpeg, png, or bmp formats.

2.      Orthopaediclist.com reserves the right to reject part or all of a photograph according to our perceived quality of the photograph, relevance, patient privacy and the needs of the website. We reserve the right to modify photographs by cropping out extraneous information and patient identification data.

3.      It is the responsibility of the submitter to identify the product and the manufacturer by name. Orthopaediclist.com does not accept responsibility for determining that the product has been accurately identified.

4.      The name, city and state, and practice name (when available) of the submitter will be noted in concert with the illustration.

5.      Submitters are encouraged to offer tips about certain products. These may be modified by orthopaediclist.com to fit the policies of this website.

6.      Orthopaediclist.com will not make or allow to be stated value judgments as to the quality or efficacy of products or the appropriateness or quality of use of these products.


D. RETURNS & SHIPPING POLICIES:  In 2014 OrthopaedicLIST.com will begin selling some products.  Those items will be clearly        identified.  The following policies pertain only to those items.

1.      PAYMENT:  Full payment is to be made by credit card in advance of shipping.  Shipping fees will be calculated as below.

2.      RETURNS

a.       Unused items may be returned within 30 days for a full refund minus a 25% restocking fee.

b.      Faulty items may be returned in accordance with the policy of the specific manufacturer of the defective prouct.

c.       Before returning an item, please notify OrthopaedicLIST.com and obtain the shipping address by calling 910.617.4182.

d.      Within the US:  Returned items must be sent via insured, prepaid Regular US Mail.  Insuring your return allows you to track your parcel with the US Postal Service.

e.       Outside the US:  Ship goods prepaid, by insured ground shipping.  To avoid unnecessary delays, please write “US Goods Returning” on the outside of the package.

f.       We cannot accept courier, personal, or COD deliveries.

3.      SHIPPING

a.       Unless otherwise arranged, shipping will be by regular ground shipping with delivery within the contiguous United States expected in five to seven business days.  Shipping outside the contiguous United States will be arranged on an individual basis.

b.      Shipping fees will be individually calculated on the usual parameters of size, weight, distance, etc. and applied to the purchaser’s credit card prior to shipping.

c.       Customers cancelling an order after it has been shipped will be charged freight and a 25% restocking fee.