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Product Listings for Life Instruments Corporation
Acetabular Gouge (Prod 4505)
Wide, concave cutting blade. Offset shank. Large handle. ... [more]
Aufranc Elevator (Prod 4502)
Flat blade with oval tip. Flattened handle. ... [more]
Bone Hook (Prod 4504)
11" overall length. Large handle. ... [more]
Bone Impactors (Prod 4501)
Concave head to impact bone. Smith Robinson bone impactors. ... [more]
Bone Tamps (Prod 4499)
Retangular, round, and offset shaped heads available. ... [more]
COBB Elevator (Prod 7870)
15" & 13" long handled Cobb Elevators. Ergonomic grips. ... [more]
Curettes (Prod 8904)
Multiple shapes and sizes of currettes. Long with straight handl ... [more]
Doty-Boyd Pattie Tray (FP 1605034.520)Doty-Boyd Pattie Tray (FP 1605034.520)
Metal tray designed to hold neuro-cottonoid patties Allows patt ... [more]
Endplate Scraper (Prod 9976)
15" overall length 7" handle 380mm 180mm handle ... [more]
Lateral PLIF Retractors (Prod 3558)
This retractor has a 7" maximum spread and is available in 3" wit ... [more]
Life Illumination System (Prod 9828)
Fiberoptic lights with malleable extensions and clamps to attach ... [more]
Mallets (Prod 4500)
Smith Peterson Mallets; Toronto Mallets ... [more]
Multi Action Retractor / Plan B Retractor  (FP 9826.520)Multi Action Retractor / Plan B Retractor (FP 9826.520)
Three long, convex blades providing a rounded, deep, straight-dow ... [more]
Orthopaedic & Spine Instruments (Prod 3560)
Life Instruments provides a complete line of orthopaedic and spin ... [more]
Pattie Tray (Prod 10041)
Metal tray for holding / organizing neuro-cottonoid patties where ... [more]
Self-retaining Retractor (FP 1605033.520)Self-retaining Retractor (FP 1605033.520)
Radiolucent, carbon fiber, peek retractor frame ... [more]
Smith Peterson Rongeurs (Prod 4503)
9" overall length. Available 4mm, 6mm & 7mm, straight and angl ... [more]
Taylor Retractors (Prod 9977)
Standard Taylor retractors, micro taylor retractors, concave micr ... [more]
White Russian Forceps  (FP 9827.520)White Russian Forceps (FP 9827.520)
Widened, rounded end forceps with sturdy body. Serrated grasping ... [more]
Zelpi Retractor  (FP 7899.216)Zelpi Retractor (FP 7899.216)
Self-retaining retractor with secure locking mechanism 90 degre ... [more]