Product Listings for MedicalGroup
ATLANTIK and ATLANTIK Genta (Prod 10173)
synthetic bone substitutes (HA / TCP) with or without antibiotic: ... [more]
BIOCEM (Prod 10174)
Surgical cements with or without antibiotic: BIOCEM ... [more]
BIOPLUG (Prod 10175)
A flexible, resorbable / absorbable cement plug: BIOPLUG ... [more]
Medical Manufacturing (Prod 10177)
A full and customised medico-surgical devices manufacturing servi ... [more]
Medical Packaging (Prod 10178)
Medical Packaging proposes a full customised clean-room packaging ... [more]
Polyethylene Moulding (Prod 10176)
Polyethylene moulding: our manufacturing method, by direct compre ... [more]