Aurora Spine US

Product Listings for Aurora Spine US
Affinity™ (Prod 141213)
Affinity™ is a modern, minimally invasive ALIF interbody fusion ... [more]
AmnioPUR Liquid Allograft (Prod 1412132)
Multipurpose, chorion free, cryopreserved allograft, derived from ... [more]
Compass 4D™ MIS Retractor (Prod 150407)
The Compass 4D™ MIS Retractor system is designed to aid in expo ... [more]
Discovery Interbody Cage (Prod 141213)
Discovery interbody cage with TiNano plasma spray coating. The im ... [more]
DynaZIP™ (Prod 141213)
DynaZIP™ is a minimally invasive posterior dynamic interspinous ... [more]
ECHO MIS Interbody (PLIF) (Prod 141213)
ECHO MIS Interbody (PLIF) system features the company's new TiNan ... [more]
ECHO XL MIS Interbody (OLIF) (Prod 141213)
ECHO XL MIS Interbody (OLIF) system features the company's new Ti ... [more]
EOS™ (Prod 141213)
EOS™ is a modern, minimally invasive TLIF interbody fusion syst ... [more]
Vox™ (Prod 141213)
Vox™ is a modern, minimally invasive LLIF interbody fusion syst ... [more]
Zip 51 (Prod 141213)
The Zip 51 MIS Interspinous Fusion System is a posterior, non-ped ... [more]
ZIP Graft TCP™ (Prod 141213)
ZIP Graft TCP™ is a synthetic biomaterial designed specifically ... [more]
ZIP Graft™ (Prod 1412131)
Cancellous allograft designed specifically for use with the ZIP ... [more]
ZIP ULTRA™ MIS Fusion System (Prod 141213)
The ZIP ULTRA™ is a minimally invasive interspinous fixation im ... [more]
ZIP™ MIS Interspinous Fusion System (Prod 141213)
The ZIP™ is a slim minimally invasive interspinous fixation imp ... [more]