Accurate Surgical & Scientific Instruments Corporation (ASSI)

Product Listings for Accurate Surgical & Scientific Instruments Corporation (ASSI)
Lalonde Bone Clamp (Prod 3333)
Bone clamps for reducing oblique fractures in small, medium and l ... [more]
Lalonde Dynamic Compression Bone Clamp (Prod 3334)
Bone clamp ideal for transverse metacarpal fractures ... [more]
Lalonde Percutaneous Bone Clamp with K-Wire Guide (Prod 5900)
Percutaneous bone clamp for finger fractures Sharp tips to redu ... [more]
Lalonde Tendon Approximator (Prod 3332)
Simplifies repairing or transferring tendons of all sizes in both ... [more]
LalondeĀ® Skin Hook Forceps (Prod 6831)
The LalondeĀ® Extra Fine Skin Hook Forceps are so GENTLE that th ... [more]
StaySharp Super-Cut Scissors (Prod 6833)
Standard blades with black handles and tungsten carbide blades wi ... [more]
Vessel Approximators (Prod 6609)
With or without frames Available as models to be applied by ha ... [more]