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Product Listings for TriMed, Inc.
Ankle Fixation System™
A stable means of ankle fracture fixation. The Sidewinder Plate&# ... [more]
Cannulated Screws (Prod 5662)
Ideal for ORIF of the scaphoid and for phalangeal osteotomy. All ... [more]
Compression Screw
Self-drilling, self-tapping compression screw. Buried head to av ... [more]
EasyLock Plates
Peg orientation can accomodate different plate positions and pegs ... [more]
Hook Plateā„¢
Features Hooks that resist translation and rotation of the di ... [more]
Olecranon Sled
Low profile fixation. Predictable Outcome. Simple technique. ... [more]
Ulnar Osteotomy Plate
Precise, simple system for reproducibly osteotomizing and fixing ... [more]
Volar Bearing Plate
A fragment specific fixation, allowing internal fixation to be cu ... [more]
Volar Peg Plate
Extraarticular Colles or Smith fractures. Osteotomy for malunion ... [more]
Wrist Fixation System®
New concept in the treatment of distal radius fractures. By analy ... [more]
Xpode Cup
For wrist intercarpal arthrodesis. Saucer-shaped plate with cent ... [more]