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GoldLine Hip Replacement Retractor (Prod 1503111)
Table-fixed, hands-free, wound spreader system Flexible, ... [more]
GoldLine Knee Retractor System (Prod 1503113)
Table-fixed, wound spreader system for total knee replacement art ... [more]
GoldLine Leg Holder for THA (Prod 1503112)
Supplement to the GoldLine Wound Spreader System as part of the h ... [more]
GoldLine Shoulder Retractor System (Prod 1503114)
Table-fixed, self-retaining, wound spreader system for shouder su ... [more]
RotexShoe® (Prod 1503102)
Traction boot designed for the RotexTable® Attaches to t ... [more]
RotexTable® Attachment  (Prod 1503101)RotexTable® Attachment (Prod 1503101)
Stable, ergonomic positioning for MIS (minimal incision surgery) ... [more]