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AES Ankle Replacement (Prod 10643)
Ankle Evolutive System (AES) TAR is a further development of the ... [more]
Asian Hip System (Prod 3605)
Anatomic stem geometry with 7 stem sizes for excellent fit in the ... [more]
Bi-Metric Hip
All Bi-Metric stems utilise a bi-planar taper and are manufacture ... [more]
BiHAPro™ Hip System
Closed Pore Porous Coating and Hydroxyapatite for minimal wear de ... [more]
Kent Hip System
Forged CoCr stem for high implant strength. Cho ... [more]
Mallory Total Hip Prosthesis (Implant 160609)Mallory Total Hip Prosthesis (Implant 160609)
Initially submitted as an unidentified 11-year-old total hip pros ... [more]
Mallory-Head Modular Hip
12 stem diameters in 1mm incremental sizing for precise patient f ... [more]
SHP Modular Hip System
An anatomically shaped stem with built-in anteversion for replica ... [more]
Stanmore Hip Replacement System, Femoral Component (Prod 3599)
Surgical choice of either Modular or Monobloc CoCr femoral stems ... [more]
Taperloc Modular Hip Systems (Prod 3601)
Standard and lateralised offset stems provides the ability to rec ... [more]