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7300 Surgery Table with Orthopaedic Attachment (Prod 2644)
Designed to provide maximum patient accessibility with its narrow ... [more]
Arcus Operating Room Table (Prod 10525)Arcus Operating Room Table (Prod 10525)
Mobile operating tables for peak performance under maximum load, ... [more]
Chick IOT Imageable Orthopaedic Table (Prod 2645)
This table is no longer available. It has been replaced by the ... [more]
CHICK LP Low Profile Imageable Orthopedic Table (Prod 10056)CHICK LP Low Profile Imageable Orthopedic Table (Prod 10056)
Low Profile, Imageable, Orthopedic Table Requires less storage ... [more]
Chick MIS System (Prod 1407301)
Superior range of motion with up to 150 deg. up/down and 165 deg. ... [more]
Infant Cast Table and Traction Conversion Kit (Prod 8775)Infant Cast Table and Traction Conversion Kit (Prod 8775)
Designed specifically for use with children Features and uses ... [more]
Montreal Lateral Positioning Device (Prod 6142)
Flat, padded plate that sits on the metal of the OR bed Plate c ... [more]
RotexShoe® (Prod 1503102)
Traction boot designed for the RotexTable® Attaches to t ... [more]
RotexTable® Attachment  (Prod 1503101)RotexTable® Attachment (Prod 1503101)
Stable, ergonomic positioning for MIS (minimal incision surgery) ... [more]
Used / Refurbished OR Equipment for Sale (Prod 10057)
CHICK CLT Orthopedic Table, Portable CT for Intra-operative Imagi ... [more]