Product Listings for Medicalex-Francemed
Acetabular Cup Supports (Prod 5617)
Acetabular cup supports (cages) with right and left and different ... [more]
Cancellous Bone Screws (Prod 5606)
Stainless steel cancellous screws in 4 and 6.5 mm diameters; dif ... [more]
Cortical Screws (Prod 5607)
Stainless steel cortical screws in 1.5,2.0,2.7, and 3.5 diameters ... [more]
D.L.C. Pre-formed and Guided Plates (Prod 5612)
The following plates are included in the D.L.C. plates: upper ext ... [more]
Distal Radial Plate (Prod 5609)
Stainless steel plates for distal radius. 18 different plates wi ... [more]
DMM Telescopic Nail (Prod 5620)
DMM telescopic nail. ... [more]
Dynamic Hip Screw/Plates (Prod 5614)
Dynamic hip screw-plates with 135 angle and 4,5, and 6 holes. ... [more]
External Finger Brace (Prod 5618)
Custom made external finger brace. ... [more]
Geneste Hook (Prod 5615)
Greater trochanter hook made out of stainless steel. 2 options; ... [more]
Goose-Neck Tibial Osteotomy Blade Plate (Prod 5613)
Blade plate for HTO with 2 and 3 hole options and variable angles ... [more]
Hinged Elbow Prosthesis (Prod 5619)
Hinged elbow prosthesis for bone tumor. Custom made for right or ... [more]
Kuntscher Nail (Prod 5625)
IM (intramedullary) rod for femur, tibia and humerus Straight ... [more]
Malleolar Screws (Prod 5608)
Stainless steel malleolar screws 4.5mm in diameter with varying l ... [more]
Rush Nail (Prod 5624)
Rush rods. Assortment of sizes. Stainless steel. ... [more]
Standard Modular Shoulder Prosthesis (Prod 5616)
Standard modular shoulder prosthesis. ... [more]