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Product Listings for K2M, Inc.
ALEUTIAN Anatomically-Narrow (AN) Oblique Interbody System (Prod 11682)
The ALEUTIAN® Anatomically-Narrow (AN) Oblique Interbody Syst ... [more]
ALEUTIAN Lateral Interbody System (Prod 6343)
Full range of unique and anatomically designed PEEK spacers for m ... [more]
ALEUTIAN Transforaminal-Lumbar (TLIF) II Interbody System (Prod 11681)
The ALEUTIAN® Transforaminal-Lumbar (TLIF) II Interbody Syste ... [more]
ARI (Prod 11810)
Low-profile, anterior staple system in combination with the revol ... [more]
BLUE RIDGE Hybrid Cervical Plate System (Prod 11811)
The BLUE RIDGE™ Hybrid Cervical Plate System features a nit ... [more]
C-VBR (Prod 160304)
C-VBR is a vertebral body replacement device. This is a breakthro ... [more]
CAPRI Corpectomy Cage System (Prod 150331)
The CAPRI Corpectomy Cage System is an expandable vertebral body ... [more]
CAPRI® Cervical 3D Expandable Corpectomy Cage System (Prod 1801071)
The CAPRI Cervical 3D Expandable Cage System* stabilizes the cerv ... [more]
Cascadia Lateral Interbody System (Prod 1601121)
Lamellar titanium technology is proprietary technology that uses ... [more]
CASCADIA™ AN Lordotic Oblique Interbody System (Prod 160606)
CASCADIA™ AN Lordotic Oblique Interbody System The CASCADIA™ ... [more]
CASCADIA™ Cervical Interbody System (Prod 160606)
The CASCADIA™ Cervical Interbody System includes a full range o ... [more]
CASPIAN Spinal System (Prod 9552)
The CASPIAN™ Spinal System is an all-inclusive solution for ... [more]
CAYMAN Buttress Plate System (Prod 9476)
The CAYMAN product family is comprised of multiple implant system ... [more]
CAYMAN Thoracolumbar Plate System (Prod 9477)
The CAYMAN product family is comprised of multiple implant system ... [more]
CHESAPEAKE Anterior-Lumbar Stabilization System (Prod 10629)
The CHESAPEAKE® Anterior-Lumbar Stabilization System, is ... [more]
Denali Deformity Spinal System (Prod 6342)
As an extension of the Denali Spinal System, this deformity syste ... [more]
Denali Spinal System (Prod 6340)
Top loading system with low-volume and uniquely shaped implant fe ... [more]
EVEREST Degenerative Spinal System (Prod 11390)
The EVEREST™ Degenerative Spinal System is a versatile ... [more]
Everest MI XT Spinal System (Prod 151220)
The EVEREST MI XT Spinal System is a cannulated top-loading pedic ... [more]
EVEREST® Minimally Invasive (MI) XTower™ (Prod 1709221)
The XTower enhances the EVEREST MI platform, providing a new surg ... [more]
Injectable Polymer (Prod 9178)
K2M, Inc has entered into an agreement with Promethean Surgical D ... [more]
Lamellar Titanium Technology (Prod 151019)
Lamellar Titanium Technology is a new and proprietary technology ... [more]
MESA 2 Deformity Spinal System (Prod 1502031)
The MESA 2 Deformity Spinal System is a top-loading, low-profile ... [more]
MESA Spinal System (Prod 6339)
Top-loading, low-profile spinal system featuring Zero-Torque Tech ... [more]
MESA® Deformity (Prod 150402)
Top-loading, low-profile spinal system featuring Zero-Torque Tech ... [more]
MESA® Mini Spinal System (Prod 1604082)
The MESA® Mini Spinal System is a 3.5 mm diameter rod system tha ... [more]
MESA® Small Stature (Prod 150402)
Top-loading, low-profile, next generation MESA® screw featuri ... [more]
MOJAVE PL (Prod 1706234)
The MOJAVE PL is a 3D titanium expandable posterior-lumbar interb ... [more]
Natural Bridge Low Profile Transverse Connectors (Prod 6341)
The NATURAL BRIDGE Low Profile Transverse Connectors were develop ... [more]
NILE Proximal Fixation System (Prod 1707083)
The NILE Proximal Fixation system is designed for complex spinal ... [more]