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Product Listings for CTL Amedica Corporation
ALTIA (Prod 8093)
Silicon nitride, ceramic cervical disc prosthesis Patented, tw ... [more]
Artificial Biofidelic Lumbar Intervertebral Disc Replacement Device (ABLI) (Prod 5828)
The goal of motion preservation through the development of a next ... [more]
Arx Ceramic Spinal Spacer System (Prod 6432)
The Arx spinal implants are designed as vertebral body replacemen ... [more]
Ceramic Intervertebral Spacers (Prod 8091)
These ceramic intervertebral spacers are made from a proprietary ... [more]
Cezanne (Prod 1509151)
The Cezanne thoracolumbar interbody device is a unique self-ancho ... [more]
Dali (Prod 1509152)
The Dali™ is the open thoracolumbar fixation system that featur ... [more]
Degas™ Anterior Cervical Plate System (Prod 1509153)
Versatile cervical spine plate system that consists of a variety ... [more]
Facet Fixation System (Prod 5826)
The Facet Fixation System™ includes the Facet Gun™, a single- ... [more]
Javelin™ MIS Locking Facet System (Prod 120101)
Transfacet pedicular screw system with a unique, locking interfac ... [more]
Matisse (Prod 1509154)
The Matisse™ cervical interbody fusion device is a unique self- ... [more]
Phantom Plus Interbody Fusion System (Prod 9884)
Phantom Plus provides spine surgeons with next generation instrum ... [more]
Phantom VBR (Prod 8432)
All Phantom VBR implants are manufactured from PEEK OPTIMA® and ... [more]
Picasso II (Prod 1509155)
Minimally invasive spine implant with additional design elements ... [more]
Picasso Minimally Invasive System (Prod 1509156)
The Picasso™ Minimally Invasive System features a broad selecti ... [more]
Preference 2 Spine System (Prod 5830)
The Preference Spine System implant components are fabricated fro ... [more]
Procet Facet Allograft Implant (Prod 12129)
The Procet Facet Allograft Implant system has a dual-hemispherica ... [more]
Radius Lumbar Retractor (Prod 5827)
Minimally-invasive Access Port Radial Dilation. Negates the need ... [more]
Raphael (Prod 1509157)
The Raphael™ system is an open thoracolumbar fixation system sp ... [more]
Renoir (Prod 1509158)
The Renoir posterior cervico-thoracic fixation system is an innov ... [more]
Scorpion™ Articulating Inserter (Prod 151018)
Designed to accompany the Valeo II™ TL interbody fusion device ... [more]
SEEplate Cervical Plate System (Prod 9126)
SEEplate Cervical Plate system, indicated for anterior screw fixa ... [more]
Seurat Universal Pedicle Screw (Prod 1804071)
The SEURAT Universal Pedicle Screw is designed for direct implant ... [more]
Spartacus Artificial Disc (Prod 8433)
Artificial Biofidelic. The Spartacus is a Lumbar Intervertebral D ... [more]
VALEO (Prod 8092)
The VALEO pedicle system has a low-profile, top-loading, offset h ... [more]
Valeo C Interbody Fusion Device (Prod 1501021)
The Valeo C Interbody Fusion Device is made of micro composite ce ... [more]
Valeo C+CSC with Lumen (Prod 1711121)
The Valeo C+CSC with Lumen is a modified CSC (cancellous structur ... [more]
Valeo Ceramic Spinal Intervertebral Spacers (Prod 9650)
A spinal intervertebral spacer using CSC (cancellous-structured c ... [more]
Valeo Family of Interbody Fusion Devices (Prod 1502022)
The Valeo Interbody Fusion Devices are made of Silicon Nitride, a ... [more]
Valeo II AL Interbody Fusion Device (Prod 1502023)
Valeo II AL Interbody Fusion Device is made of Silicon Nitride. P ... [more]
Valeo II TL Interbody Fusion Device (Prod 1502024)
The Valeo II TL is made of a micro composite silicon nitride biom ... [more]