Baxter Healthcare Corporation

Product Listings for Baxter Healthcare Corporation
Actifuse (Prod 5552)
Osteogenic catalyst that accelerates the bone formation cascade. ... [more]
Actifuse ABX (Prod 9687)
Actifuse ABX is a bone void filler intended only for orthopaedic ... [more]
Actifuse MIS (Prod 9076)
Now with an insertion gun that is reportedly ideal for a range of ... [more]
Actifuse™ ABX E-Z-fil Putty (Prod 8123)
Actifuse™ ABX E-Z-fil Putty has a variety of applications incl ... [more]
ApaPore (Prod 3590)
ApaPore is a synthetic bone graft substitute developed for use in ... [more]
Coseal (Prod 3824)
CoSeal Surgical Sealant instantly seals tissue surfaces, suture l ... [more]
Dura-Guard® (Prod 4253)
Dura-Guard® Dural Repair Patch is derived from bovine pericardiu ... [more]
DurADAPT Bioimplant (Prod 6291)
The DurADAPT Bioimplant is intended to repair dura mater and pre ... [more]
FLOSEAL (Prod 3823)
FloSeal Hemostatic Matrix is a highly viscous gel for hemostasis ... [more]
OrthADAPT Bioimplant (Prod 6289)
The OrthADAPT Bioimplant is an FDA cleared, decellularized, biolo ... [more]
OSTENE (Prod 6598)
OSTENE™ is a water-soluble bone hemostasis material that is ... [more]
Tisseal VH Fibrin Sealant (Prod 4799)
Contains human fibrinogen to stumulate the natural clotting proce ... [more]
Unite® Biomatrix (Prod 10583)
Collagen wound dressing developed to provide an advanced biologic ... [more]