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Product Listings for Medartis, Inc.
Aptus Adaptive Distal Radius Plate (Prod 9465)
Optimized anatomical design to maximize lunate facet stabilizatio ... [more]
Aptus Distal Ulna Plate 2.5 (Prod 11841)
The slim low profile, design of the Aptus plates conform well, wh ... [more]
Aptus Dorsal Frame Plate 2.5 (Prod 11839)
Fixation of complex fractures and osteotomies of the distal radiu ... [more]
Aptus Forefoot and Midfoot Plates (Prod 11838)
Forefoot System 2.0/2.3 & Fore and Midfoot System 2.8. Fractu ... [more]
Aptus Four Corner Fusion Plate 2.0/2.3 (Prod 11840)
Patients suffering from post-traumatic or degenerative carpal bon ... [more]
Aptus Hand Plates (Prod 6062)
Fully modular system offering low height plate profiles adapted t ... [more]
Aptus Radius 2.5 Plate (Prod 6061)
TriLock technology. Multidirectional fixed angle plating fixation ... [more]
APTUS Wrist Arthrodesis System (Prod 141221)
The APTUS Wrist Arthrodesis System features variable angle lockin ... [more]
Radial Head Plate 2.0 (Prod 10321)
For fractures of the radial head. ... [more]
SpeedTip CCS 2.2, 3.0 Cannulated Compression Screws (Prod 11837)
Treatment of fractures, osteotomies and arthrodeses of bones e.g. ... [more]