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Product Listings for Bioventus LLC
CellXtract (Prod 160308)
Novel cell and bone marrow extraction tool ... [more]
Durolane® (Prod 7017)
Durolane® is an intra-articular injection of non-animal stabilis ... [more]
Exogen 4000+ Bone Healing System (Prod 762)Exogen 4000+ Bone Healing System (Prod 762)
Utilizes low-intensity ultrasound to accelerate the healing of fr ... [more]
EXOGEN® Ultrasound Bone Healing System (Prod 150922)
The new version of EXOGEN introduces new treatment compliance cap ... [more]
Exponent DBM Putty (Prod 1502072)
Exponent DBM putty is packed sterile for immediate use and formul ... [more]
Extractor High Performance Bone Marrow Aspirator (Prod 10734)
The Extractor High Performance Bone Marrow Aspirator is engineere ... [more]
GELSYN-3 (Prod 160308)
GELSYN-3 is a three-injection, hyaluronic acid (HA) based therapy ... [more]
Interface Bioactive Bone Graft (Prod 11656)
Supplied as irregular synthetic granules of bioactive glass sized ... [more]
OsteoAMP (Prod 11707)
OsteoAMP™ or “Osteoinductive Allogeneic Morphogenetic ... [more]
OsteoAMP Structural (Prod 11709)
OsteoAMP Structural is the first load-bearing, mineralized, osteo ... [more]
OsteoMatrix Mineralized Collagen Scaffold (Prod 10732)
Highly purified type-1 collagen embedded with a biphasic mineral ... [more]
OsteoMEM (Prod 11708)
OsteoMEM™ is an ultra porous shape memory scaffold wit ... [more]
OsteoPlus Synthetic Bone Graft Composite (Prod 10733)
OsteoPlus Synthetic Bone Graft Composite is a biphasic calcium ph ... [more]
Prohesion Hydrolyzed Surgical Powder (Prod 150609)
Prohesion Hydrolyzed Surgical Powder is manufactured utilizing pa ... [more]
PureBone Demineralized Cancellous Tissue (Prod 150207)
PureBone Demineralized Cancellous Tissue is crafted from trabecul ... [more]
Signafuse Bioactive Bone Graft Putty (Prod 1502071)
Signafuse Bioactive Bone Graft Putty is comprised of a bi-phasic ... [more]
Silhouette™ Mineralized Collagen Scaffold (Prod 150207)
Silhouette™ represents a new class of synthetic biomaterials de ... [more]
SUPARTZ FX™ (Prod 151018)
SUPARTZ FX has an expanded label allowing for repeat injection cy ... [more]
Supartz JFT (Prod 5063)
Joint fluid therapy. Luer-Lok needle attachment. Single-dose pack ... [more]