Surgical Specialties Corporation

Product Listings for Surgical Specialties Corporation
Collagraft (Prod 1250)
Synthetic bone graft substitute comprised of collagen and a compo ... [more]
CoSeal (Prod 3696)
CoSeal® is a novel, fully synthetic sealing agent designed to ... [more]
CoStasis Surgical Hemostat
This product is no longer available - Vitagel by Orthovita may be ... [more]
DermaGlide™ is an unparalleled departure in the design of s ... [more]
NeuGraft (Prod 1876)
NeuGraft is a synthetic bone graft substitute comprised of collag ... [more]
Quill Self-Retaining System (SRS)
Quill™ SRS works by approximating tissues through bidirecti ... [more]
Sharpoint M.E.T.
Sharpoint™ M.E.T.™ microsurgical needles utilize Infi ... [more]
SKATER Complete Drainage System
The SKATER™ Complete Drainage System features a large cathe ... [more]