Product Listings for GraMedica
Graham Decompression Scissors (Prod 1711165)
For delicate dissection and cutting. These scissors have long han ... [more]
HyProCure Sinus Tarsi Implant (Prod 7635)
This stent was developed for the treatment of musculoskeletal dis ... [more]
HyProCure® II (Prod 1711167)
FDA cleared, patented, sinus tarsi stent that was created after m ... [more]
Opti‐Toe® (Prod 1711163)
The opti-Toe® device is indicated for reconstruction of the less ... [more]
Osteo-Wedge Open Wedge Bone Locking System (Prod 11517)
This is a solution for patients suffering with moderate to severe ... [more]
Stevens Tenotomy Scissors (Prod 1711164)
For delicate dissection and cutting Small, sharp blades with vari ... [more]
Talus and Calcaneous Bone Model (Prod 1711166)
The talus and calcaneous bone models are valuable educational too ... [more]