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Product Listings for Ossur Americas
Aspire (Prod 5838)
An off-the-shelf brace built for the unique knees of women. ... [more]
C.Ti. Wrist Brace (Prod 4965)
Limited, controlled extension and flexion as selected by the phys ... [more]
C.Ti.2 Vapor (Prod 2005)
The most prescribed custom brace in the world, C.Ti.2 is demanded ... [more]
C180 (Prod 5837)
An off-the-shelf knee brace offering excellent fit, function & ap ... [more]
C180 Rocket (Prod 5840)
An off the shelf knee brace addressing the special needs of child ... [more]
Edge (Prod 5836)
Off-the shelf knee brace for MCL, ACL, PCL and combined instabili ... [more]
Generation 80 Halo System (Prod 1431)
Employs lightweight, MR Scannable materials throughout.Halo vest ... [more]
JTongs (Prod 1432)
New traction tongs that bring the latest scientific advances to c ... [more]
KneeM.D. (Prod 5843)
Post-operative knee brace for the cost conscious health care envi ... [more]
Miami J Collar (Prod 2397)
The Miami J® collar for cervical immobilization. Previously J ... [more]
Miami JTO Thoracic Orthosis (Prod 2499)
Previously available from Jerome Medical. ... [more]
NECLOC (Prod 2398)
A two piece cervical collar for immobilization of the c-spine. Pr ... [more]
OAsys (Prod 5841)
A multi-dimensional adjustable knee brace designed to help reliev ... [more]
Philadelphia Collar (Prod 2389)
The original Philadelphia® Collar is a cervical collar that p ... [more]
Philadelphia Stabilizer (Prod 2394)
The Philadelphia® Stabilizer™ was designed as an attach ... [more]
Philadelphia® C-Breeze® Collar (Prod 2396)
In 2003, the Philadelphia® C-Breeze® Collar was introduced. M ... [more]
Philadelphia® Halo™ (Prod 2395)
The Philadelphia® Halo™ was designed in 1988 as an attachment ... [more]
QuickLock (Prod 5844)
A post-op knee brace which locks at 180 degrees of extension and ... [more]
ReSolve Halo (Prod 7585)
Features MRI safe Ultra-high strength ceramic sku ... [more]
Sentry (Prod 5842)
A unique rigid post-op knee brace ensuring accurate flexion/exten ... [more]
SmartSling (Prod 6458)
3 slings in 1. Abduction, external rotation, &/or immobilization ... [more]
Thera Cool Home Unit (Prod 2006)
Comforting, soothing, cold therapy any time, anywhere. Combine th ... [more]
V1 Halo Ring (Prod 1426)
Permits application to a patient without having to remove tongs. ... [more]
XCL (Prod 5839)
A unique off-the-shelf knee brace offering a Dynamic Tibial Restr ... [more]