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Product Listings for Implantat-Technologie-Systeme GmbH ITS
3.5, 4.0, and 6.5 Cannulated Screws
Screws for fracture of the DENS ... [more]
Calcaneus Distractor & HP
For reposition of calcaneus fractures. ... [more]
Calcaneus Locking Plate (CAL)
For stabilisation of calcaneus fractures ... [more]
Distal Humeral Locking Plates (DHL)
Locking distal humeral plate available in medial and dorsolateral ... [more]
Epiphysis Screw
Transcutaneous screwing of the slipped capital femoral epiphysis. ... [more]
Helix Wire
Dynamic 3-Point Fixation of Humeral Fractures ... [more]
High Tibial Osteotomy Plate (HTO) (Prod 10314)
Tibia-head osteotomy with valgus (closed wedge technique) Femor ... [more]
IMC Intra-Medullary-Claw
For the treatment of subcapital humeral fractures. ... [more]
Locking Clavicle Plate (Prod 8468)
For treatment of fractures of the clavicula in meta- und diasphe ... [more]
Olecranon Locking Plate (OL)
For stabilisation of olecranonfractures - free choice of scr ... [more]
PROlock Radius Plate
The PROlock Radius Plate is a locking plate for the treatment of ... [more]
Proximal Humeral Locking Plate (PHL)
For the treatment of fractures of the humeral head that offers a ... [more]
PRSRX – Revolution X Pelvic Reconstruction System (Prod 2007144)
Osteosynthesis system for various pelvic fractures Special plat ... [more]
Reduction Wedge
The Reduction Wedge combined with the volar locking radius plate ... [more]
Supracondylar Nail
Retrograde femur nailing for distal supra- and diacondylar fractu ... [more]
Tibianail is an unreamed tibial nail for locking distal and proxi ... [more]
Ulnar Osteotomy Locking Plate (UOL)
Impaction syndrome of the ulnar wrist. ... [more]
Volar Radius Plate
The Volar Radius Plate is a locking plate for the treatment of pr ... [more]