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Product Listings for Signus Medizintechnik GmbH
ASCOT® (Prod 150619)
ASCOT® is a new cervical plate system with screw locking mechani ... [more]
ConKlusion Pedicle Screw System (Prod 2489)
The ConKlusion Pedicle Screw System is a spinal system that consi ... [more]
DIANA® (Prod 1803201)
Distraction Interference Arthrodesis of the Sacroiliac Joint ... [more]
KIMBA (Prod 6397)
The KIMBA spacer is composed of ECF™-PEEK OPTIMA® and d ... [more]
MOBIS II ST (Prod 141212)
MOBIS® II ST system, which is comprised of a line of structural ... [more]
MonoPoly (Prod 141212)
MonoPoly is an innovative, safe, and cost-effective pedicle screw ... [more]
NUBIC (Prod 141212)
The simple and efficient selection in cervical interbody fusion. ... [more]
PEEK Tetris Spinal Implant (Prod 2488)
The PEEK Tetris Spinal Implant is indicated to replace a vertebra ... [more]
POSEIDON® (Prod 141212)
POSEIDON® is a distractible vertebral body replacement implant t ... [more]
Rabea VBR (Prod 2487)
The Rabea is FDA cleared for use as a VBR. The implant is availab ... [more]
Semial Spinal Implant (Prod 5483)
Spinal intervertebral body fixation orthosis. Variety of geometr ... [more]
Tosca (Prod 141212)
The Tosca® plating system provides stability to the cervical spi ... [more]