Cannuflow Inc.

Product Listings for Cannuflow Inc.
ClearVu 2.7 Arthroscopic Cannula
The innovative and patented ClearVu 2.7 is ideal for all three-po ... [more]
DryVu Fluid Shield (Prod 5239)
Antifogging device that deflects fluid away from the camera junct ... [more]
EntreVu EX Instrument Cannula
Featuring Extravastat technology that addresses extravasation of ... [more]
ExtravaStopper is a portal plug designed to keep irrigation fluid ... [more]
The Squid 3-into-1 fluid collector lets you quickly connect multi ... [more]
TwoVU EX Scope Sheath
Featuring Extravastat technology to control extravasation of flui ... [more]
TwoVu ST Outflow Cannula
Slips over scope sheath and provides three-portal-type visual cla ... [more]